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In the SPIE video interview Peter Leibinger describes the history of laser technology at TRUMPF

The international society SPIE has dedicated itself to the dissemination of knowledge in the optical technologies sector. This year marks the laser's 50th birthday, and SPIE is presenting "Advancing the Laser", a series of weekly video interviews with pioneers and experts from the laser sector. Programmes already screened include a discussion with Nobel Prize winner Charles Townes as well as a historic recording in which Theodore H. Maiman, the inventor of the laser, looks back at its beginnings.

In the section "Laser Industry", SPIE presents an interview with Peter Leibinger, Vice-Chairman of TRUMPF GmbH + Co. KG and Head of the Laser Technology and Electronics Division. Leibinger talks about how laser technology was introduced at TRUMPF and how it has revolutionised industrial materials processing worldwide. A further video presents the TRUMPF laser factory in Farmington. Laser Production Manager Mark Bronski takes viewers on a tour of the production facilities and the Laser Application Center.

2010-05-21 SPIE also Congratulates the Laser