TruLaser Robot Series 5000

The TruLaser Robot is a highly integrated turnkey system from TRUMPF. It can be integrated into a laser network very well, thus minimizing the financial investment and at the same time increasing the utilization rate of the beam source. Its modular construction enables individually customized configuration and as such is superbly tailored to the needs of the customer.

The TRUMPF advantages at a glance:

  • Turnkey installation
  • Modular construction
  • Plug & play
  • Optimal component compatibility
Category 3D machine
Products TruLaser Robot 5020, TruLaser Robot 5020 Basic Edition
Application Fields Laser welding, laser cutting, powder coating welding, scanner welding

Modular Construction = Flexibility

The great flexibility of the TruLaser Robot 5020 produces even small batches cost effectively. We have the building blocks and you choose what suits you. We deliver ready to go - you only have to provide the appropriate environment and preparation. The main components are laser devices with laser light cables, robots, processing optics, safety enclosure and component positioner. And, TRUMPF ensures the highest accessibility of the entire system.

A good grip on it

The robot has standard controls that we are expanding with operator-friendly software building blocks for laser material processing. Robots and component positioner, the laser device and the processing optics can be controlled with the handset. Control of the safety circuit is also integrated.

TruLaser Robot 5020 TruLaser Robot 5020 Basic Edition
  • Number of axes
6 6
  • Repetition accuracy
± 0.05 mm± 0.05 mm
  • Load
30 kg30 kg
Max. component dimensions    
  • Width
1400 mm1200 mm
  • Height
800 mm800 mm
  • Depth
1200 mm600 mm
Subject to alterations. The specifications in our offer and our sales order confirmation are authoritative.

Since our laser sources and laser systems are optimally calibrated to each other, you will always find the right laser for your application with TRUMPF.

Processing optics with motorized focusing and magnetic coupling.

Processing optics with motorized focusing and magnetic coupling

Thanks to the motor-driven focus-setting process, the focal position can be changed automatically. In this way, you can go back and forth between heat conduction welding and deep welding reliably.

The setting of the focal position is programmed through the control and therefore guarantees the best reproducible process results.

Magnetic clutch.

Magnetic clutch

The magnetic coupling enables a simple and quick change of the processing optics and at the same time protects these from damage when collisions occur.



With the TeachLine sensor system, workpieces can be welded without extensive teaching. This reduces set up time and fixture costs resulting in laser welding efficiency that is also guaranteed for smaller batches.

Flexible NC rotation axis

Flexibly unpluggable NC cylindrical axis for horizontal and vertical construction. Perfectly adapted for use on the rotary table in combination with parts that must be positioned during processing. The axis is completely integrated into the robot control.

More options

  • Welding rod feed
  • Two-station rotary table
  • Automatic turning positioner
  • Deposition Line

Deep penetration welding

Fan wheel.

The laser beam welds the housing to the air scoop by full penetration welding from above. This eliminates accessibility problems even in very tight spots and small or narrow air scoops.

Heat conduction welding

Scale housing.

The laser welds the scale housing with heat conduction welding. The visible seam does not have to be reworked and has reproducible end seam quality.

TruLaser Robot 5020

TruLaser Robot 5020