TruFiber fiber laser

Due to their high beam quality, fiber lasers are your first choice for precision applications. You can use them to produce narrow weld seams and small cutting kerfs with high quality.

TruFiber 500
TruFiber 500

Fiber lasers have been introduced to industrial production for some years now.

Their monolithic design allows high beam quality, also known as single mode beam quality.

That permits high power density to be generated at the workpiece, resulting in high processing speeds for appropriately designed handling systems. Fiber lasers are perfect for scanner welding and always in demand if the application requires particularly narrow weld seams or cutting kerfs.

Perfect for precision cuts in copper.
Perfect for precision cuts in bronze.

The typical application areas of fiber lasers are:

  • IT
  • Medical device technology
  • Precision engineering
  • Electrical systems and electronics
  • Photovoltaics

Fiber lasers